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Welcome to Traverse City Opera!


I write this welcome with a humbled heart. It has been a dream of mine for many years to provide a voice for operatic performance in my beloved hometown of Traverse City.


My wonderful parents, James and Lois Anderson, have been residents of Grand Traverse County for the past forty years. Growing up in this community instilled within me a midwestern way of being that I wouldn't exchange for anything. This warm demeanor is so easily recognized that when I first moved to New York, I was asked  regularly if I was from the Midwest, to which I would proudly say, “Yes, I'm from Traverse City!”


Our region is built upon the celebration of nature’s beauty, talented artisans, and kind people who all share in a strong sense of community bolstered by midwestern charm. Traverse City is a one-of-a-kind place which deserves continued recognition outside of itself as well as cultural growth within it. This is the catalyst for my desire to share the gift of Opera with this special place- to give back to a community which has given so much to me.


If you have never experienced live operatic singing before, I can promise you it will be something you will never forget. I can also promise you that it is different from what you may be used to. Yes, it can be loud...but it can also be soft, tender, exciting, calming, and comforting. The best operatic singing has emotional nuances that we only thought possible in our own minds.


Opera has endured for centuries for a very specific reason- it is vulnerable. In its vulnerability, it conveys the human experience in a way that is unlike any other art form. The music of opera and the voices that produce it are magnificent, unique vessels that are somehow able to communicate humanity’s deepest and most powerful emotions in a truly superhuman way. Opera will make you think... it will make you feel... and it will allow you, for a brief time, to see the world through someone else’s eyes. When opera is done well, it wakes up your spirit.


I invite you to join us at our upcoming concerts and experience all of this for yourself. As we embark upon the journey to grow this company, we invite you to join our operatic family.  Your patronage is sincerely appreciated. We look forward to sharing our art with you and providing you with an experience that will no doubt shape your future days!

With warmest regards,

Lindsey Anderson

General Director and Founder

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